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DrSmile is a German market leader in the field of modern and innovative aligner therapy. They enjoy an exceptional acquisition rate of patients and partner practices. In only a couple of years, they expanded across Europe to have over 250 DrSmile partner practices in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK.

On their mission to revolutionize the dental market and make people smile and share confidence, they have been using Layer to manage their spreadsheets and optimize their internal processes. We spoke to Pierina Nuques Jiménez, the Finance Controlling Manager at DrSmile.

Pierina originally comes from Ecuador. Initially, she worked in banking and brokerage. Then, she moved to Germany four years ago and made her way into the finance field there. She has been with DrSmile for over a year and has been a big part of the growth DrSmile has enjoyed.

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What Challenges Did You Have at DrSmile?

As the Finance Controlling Manager, I'm in charge of monthly reports and analysis of not just our accounting data but also our operational data. That includes metrics such as the number of sales, bookings, show ups, and so on. I combine both so that we can have an overview of DrSmile as a whole with actual figures.

For the budget meetings, we have an operating model that is based on our revenue goals and broken down by department. This model includes the sheets for all the different departments. But for the budget meetings, we need to split those sheets and share each one separately with its respective department. Then, we would request any necessary data from the budget stakeholders, and the directors then put it all together again so that management can approve the final budget.

That's where we needed a tool that can help us specifically split the model without changing the data, the formulas, or even the spreadsheet's formatting. We also wanted the ability to request input from different people and combine it all in one place that is easy to manage.

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Did You Try Any Other Solutions?

No, our CFO stumbled across Layer and shared it with me. He asked if it would help, so I started exploring it and found out that it was an excellent solution we needed, and we've been using it ever since.

Dr Smile Co Founders
DrSmile co-founders, Jens Urbaniak and Christopher von Wedemeyer

Why Did You Choose Layer?

Layer allows us to manage our budget quickly and efficiently. I can split the model into different parts and share it with the relevant people. Every person receives their sheet and inputs the necessary data. It's as simple as that.

It was effortless, straightforward, and you can implement it quickly without needing any additional software or changes to your processes. It can be challenging for some stakeholders to learn a new tool, especially since all our C-levels and company directors are involved, who can be extremely busy. Layer solves this issue by offering to share the data in whichever format you prefer, and the contributors just have to fill out the information.

In my case, I'm the only person that directly uses Layer, and I share the data with all the contributors via Google Sheets, which they're already accustomed to, so it works out perfectly. You don't need a one or two-month onboarding for the entire team to start using it, which is the case with most other tools.

How Many Contributors Use Layer?

Currently, we are in 10 countries around Europe, and we're in charge of the data for all countries. We have around 15 departments which means the model has approximately 15 sheets, 17 if you include our overview and people sheets. Generally, we have two budget owners for each department plus three people from the finance team, including the CFO and myself. So we have around five contributors for each of the 15 sheets.

How Often Do You Use Layer?

One week before the budget meetings, at least once a month, I start filling out the actuals and updating all the figures. Then, I split all the sheets and share them with all the respective people.

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Originally published Oct 25 2021, Updated Dec 5 2022