Runway and Cash Budget Template

An easy way for anyone to model a startup business. The model uses external market data where applicable and estimates when necessary. You should adjust all metrics and inputs to fit your business.

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Key Features
  • The simplest structure of the base financial models.
  • Create a cost budget, estimate revenues, and understand burn, cash, and runway as quickly as possible
  • Automatically creates summary chart of burn and runway, summary of operating expenses, and sources and uses of funds
About this template

How to use the template?

  1. 1. Any number in blue with a grey shaded background is an input (i.e., an assumption or data point that can be changed) and anything in black is the result of a formula. Change blue at will and change anything in black with caution.
  2. 2. All cells and formulas are unlocked so that you can make edits as needed and completely understand what is going on.
  3. 3. All assumptions are illustrative only, do not assume they are market data or standard.
  4. 4. As with all templates, feel free to create your own model from scratch, using this as a guide.
  5. 5. The model is constructed to fit a wide variety of businesses, and therefore, some sections may or may not be relevant to yours. I have grouped together sections on all sheets so that you can review different sections and see all the possibilities, but also easily hide the sections not relevant for you. Simply click on the "+" button on the left-hand side to unhide a section, and click on the "-" button to hide it.

Visit Foresight to get more instructions and videos on how to use the model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Yes! This is absolutely free for you to download and use.

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