Project Management Template

Plug-and-play template to keep a comprehensive overview of your project’s progress across multiple workstreams.

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Key Features
  • Ensure that sensitive data will only be seen by the respective stakeholders as access can be granted to specific input sheets only.
  • Comprehensive overview as data from the individual workstreams is automatically consolidated.
  • Dashboard with key metrics to track your project’s progress.
  • Never worry about chasing your stakeholders for input as automated reminders are sent.
About this template

Project management tends to be a time-consuming and exhaustive exercise in most organizations. This template will help make this task much easier for you due to its intuitive interface and automated consolidation features.

The template incorporates many of the best practices for managing projects as well as for modeling in spreadsheets:

  • A strict separation between input and output sheets.
  • Minimizing errors through locked cells, so collaborators can only edit specific ranges.
  • Data validation where needed.
  • Settings section to customize the template to your particular needs.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Yes! This is absolutely free for you to download and use.

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