OKR Template

Align and connect your teams to your corporate goals. Then, track progress and make effective and informed decisions.

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This OKR template helps you:
  • Plan and track the progress of OKRs for multiple teams.
  • Keep a comprehensive dashboard with all your OKRs.
  • Align on your goals across the organization by ensuring that key results of different departments are linked to company-wide objectives.
About the OKR template

Every company should be defining and monitoring Objective and Key Results (OKRs) on a company-wide as well as individual team basis. They allow managers to manage and track progress toward's the organizational goals and vision.

It also allows team leads to monitor the achievements of individual teams or team members, increasing accountability and transparency and boosting their performance.

Using this template with Layer, you can:

  • Share the OKR sheets of the individual teams with the respective stakeholders and merge them via mouse click as soon as you receive input.
  • Never chase your stakeholders for input again. Streamline your communication and reporting processes and set up automatic flows shared on a recurring basis.

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