Headcount and Workforce Planning Template

Manage and keep a detailed overview of your workforce data, calculate salaries, and forecast future changes to help your business run smoothly.

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This Headcount Planning template helps you:
  • Manage and maintain the data of all of your employees in one place.
  • Calculate the salaries as well as future salary increases per employee on a monthly basis.
  • Track and forecast the necessary budget for the company and each team individually.
About the Workforce Planning template

Headcount and workforce planning helps companies to achieve their objectives and reach their goals by acquiring and growing the needed talent. It allows you to identify business changes and priorities and allocate the necessary human resources.

Analyzing your workforce plan and headcount data is essential to making intelligent staffing decisions and keeping your budget on track.

Using the Headcount and Workforce Planning Template template with Layer, you can:

  • Share the sheets of the individual teams with the respective team leads. Then, collect their input regarding any employee data changes separately and have it automatically merged back into the main file.
  • Never chase your stakeholders for input again. Streamline your communication and reporting processes and set up automatic flows shared on a recurring basis.

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