Expense Tracking Template

Keep an up-to-date overview of your company’s expenses across multiple departments.

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Using this template with Layer allows you to
  • Keep sensitive data private by having a strict separation between output sheets and input sheets of the individual departments.
  • Maintain a comprehensive overview of your company’s expenses at all times through automated consolidation.
  • Automate input reminders sent to your stakeholders so you don’t have to chase input manually anymore.
  • Monitor and approve of every change made to your expense tracking so you stay in control at all times.
About this template

Most tools only serve as a lagging indicator of a company’s current expenses. That is why most companies like to use spreadsheets to track their expenses so they can make informed decisions at all times.

This Expense Tracking template will support you as it incorporates many of the best practices:

  • A strict separation between input and output sheets.
  • Minimizing errors through locked cells, so collaborators can only edit specific ranges.
  • Data validation where needed.
  • Settings section to customize the template to your particular needs.
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