Employee Timesheet Template

Track payable hours of your employees, remote teams, and freelancers and maintain a single dashboard where the total hours, regular hours, and overtime hours are automatically calculated for all employees.

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This Employee Timesheet template helps you:
  • Create separate timesheets and assign them to their relevant team members.
  • Track the recorded hours of your employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Keep an overview of all your employees with a single dashboard consolidating all of their inputs.
  • Calculate the compensation per employee based on regular and overtime rates.
About the Employee Time Sheet template:

Managing an Employee Time Sheet is crucial for business owners, managers, and team leads to track the productivity and efficiency of their team members and introduce transparency in your work. Your employees can input their respective work hours and have the template automatically calculate and consolidate the necessary data for you and present you with an overview of the entire team's progress.

That way, you can streamline the work schedule of your employees, freelancers, and contractors and keep track of their performance.

Using the Employee Time Sheet template with Layer, you can:

  • Share the separate timesheets with your team members. Then, collect their input regarding their respective regular and overtime hours and have it automatically merged back into the main file.
  • Never chase your stakeholders for input again. Streamline your communication and reporting processes and set up automatic flows shared on a recurring basis.

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