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Present your business plan to stakeholders and investors through a detailed yet simple document that showcases your plan, how it will benefit the company, and whether it's possible or not.

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The template incorporates many of the best practices we have encountered including:
  • The template keeps a strict separation between input and output data.
  • Forecast values can be replaced by actuals without the need to overwrite any cells.
  • The model is built bottom-up, allowing you (and your colleagues) to reconcile the values of every single item in the P&L.
About this template

We've seen hundreds of startup business cases or financial models over the past few years and worked intensively with some of them. Even though every company is different and has specific requirements for their case or model, there are known good and bad practices to consider.

Almost every startup faces the following challenges:

  • What is the right level of detail, and where do I get the relevant data?
  • How can I keep my model up-to-date with as little effort as possible?
  • What is the best way to keep input data (assumptions or actuals) and output data separately?
  • How to ensure that my model does not break and thus cause (potentially unidentified) errors?
  • This is intended as a starting point for your financial planning. It is based on a SaaS model, but we tried to keep it as generic and simple as possible. It should, therefore, have broad applicability.

It is very likely that you will have to customize parts of it — but, hey, that is the beauty of MS Excel and other spreadsheet tools!

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